Georgie loves a challenge and she has decided that she is going to be in her best shape for her 50th Birthday in June 2018.

Georgie has always been very aware that her health is most important and now that she is losing weight she wants to get fitter too.  Realising that Georgie enjoys the motivation and support of others around her we decided that she might do really well working out in a group.  She has signed up for a couple of Like2Burn 6-week bootcamps held at Like2Lift gym in Merstham.

Georgie likes to partition her goals into ‘Operations’. We have had Operation Baywatch and are now on Operation Barbie & Ken. Ken is Georgie’s husband Peter.

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Georgie Lucas tells us about her first Like2Burn Bootcamp experience held at Like2Lift gym, Merstham.
Georgie tells us how she is feeling after 2 sessions of Like2Burn Bootcamp held at Like2Lift Gym, Merstham
Georgie’s thoughts on training day 4
Georgie chats about her weekend and food challenges it presented
Georgie discovers her legs!
Georgie’s legs are walking in a straight line!
BARBIE & KEN GET FIT 8 – Picnic gate!
Barbie & Ken Get Fit 9 The legs are definitely changing shape!
BARBIE & KEN GET FIT 10 – Muscle is the new Spanks
Barbie & Ken Get Fit 11
Ken arrived 6 weeks late to the Barbie & Ken party. Barbie, on the other hand, has been partying at Like2Burn Bootcamp and her fitness is improving all the time.

Ken started the Couch to 5k running program this week. He will also be getting to grips with the gym and has done his first session.

Georgie describes how she feels having had 2 weeks off from the Like2Burn Bootcamp.
Barbie shares her thoughts on the month of December and her plans for the New Year